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batur volcano tour

About Us

This is the adventure story of a man named Adi, who began his professional journey as a trekking guide on Mount Batur, then transitioned to become a tour driver in Bali, and finally found his new calling as a jeep tour driver in Kintamani.

Adi grew up on the slopes of Mount Batur, and from his childhood, he was captivated by its natural beauty. Every day, he explored winding trails and breathtaking peaks, fostering a deep love for the mountain itself. As he grew older, Adi decided to pursue his passion and became a trekking guide on Mount Batur.

As a trekking guide, Adi became an expert in leading tourists through interesting and safe routes on Mount Batur. He not only guided them through challenging trails but also shared his knowledge of the area’s history and unique features. Each step he took brought its own satisfaction, while every sunset he witnessed from the mountain peak brought him a profound sense of peace.

However, after several years of working as a trekking guide, Adi felt the urge to explore other career options in the tourism industry. He decided to join a tour company in Bali as a tour driver. His task was to transport tourists from various parts of the world to famous tourist destinations in Bali, such as beaches, temples, and parks.

As a tour driver, Adi learned a lot about the broader tourism industry. He interacted with a variety of tourists, learned about their cultures, and was involved in ensuring that their travel experiences went smoothly. Although it was initially difficult to leave behind his life on Mount Batur, Adi found a new sense of satisfaction in facing new challenges and meeting new people every day.

But the true calling for Adi came when he got the opportunity to become a jeep tour driver in Kintamani. Driving in the mountainous area presented him with fascinating challenges and unparalleled satisfaction. For seven years, he explored challenging trails and offered unforgettable adventure experiences to his clients.

During this long journey, Adi not only developed exceptional driving skills but also deepened his admiration for Bali’s natural beauty. Each day on the road was a new adventure, and every client he met brought their own unique stories. Through this experience, Adi became not only a reliable jeep driver but also a wise guide and responsible adventure organizer.

Seven years is a long time, and during this period, Adi grew and developed not only as a professional but also as an individual. His story is evidence that sometimes life takes us to places we never imagined, and that every change is an opportunity to grow and find a new calling in life.

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